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CCTV Singapore Security Camera System Installation Company

CCTV Singapore
Security is a major concern for both residential and commercial properties, and choosing the right camera system can be critical. We offer a range of options to enhance safety and security, making them accessible and beneficial for everyone.
  • 1x DAHUA HD IP Camera CCTV Singapore Installation Package

    1 x Digital HD CCTV Camera Installation Package

    $ 650
  • 2x DAHUA HD IP Camera CCTV Singapore Installation Package

    2 x Digital HD CCTV Camera Installation Package

    $ 900
  • 3x DAHUA HD IP Camera CCTV Singapore Installation Package

    3 x Digital HD CCTV Camera Installation Package

    $ 1,100
  • 4x DAHUA HD IP Camera CCTV Singapore Installation Package

    4 x Digital HD CCTV Camera Installation Package

    $ 1,300
  • 5x DAHUA HD IP Camera Security System Installation Package

    5 x Digital HD CCTV Camera Installation Package

    $ 1,700
  • 6x DAHUA HD IP Camera Security System Installation Package

    6 x Digital HD CCTV Camera Installation Package

    $ 1,900
  • 7x DAHUA HD IP Camera Security System Installation Package

    7 x Digital HD CCTV Camera Installation Package

    $ 2,100
  • 8x DAHUA HD IP Camera Security System Installation Package

    8 x Digital HD CCTV Camera Installation Package

    $ 2,300

CCTV Singapore Installation Package

Choosing the right CCTV or IP camera system depends on your specific needs and circumstances. By understanding the types, features, and applications of these systems, you can enhance the security of your property effectively.

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CCTV Rentals for Events

CCTV rental for events offers numerous benefits, from enhanced security and cost-effectiveness to flexibility and professional support. Whether for large-scale public events or private gatherings providing peace of mind.

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Affordable HD CVI CCTV Installation Promotion Package

Analog CCTV systems offer a range of benefits, making them a suitable choice for various security needs. These advantages include cost-effectiveness, simplicity, reliability, and independence from network infrastructure.

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Why Network Installation Contractors Are Important for Your Business?

Hire licensed network installer is a wise investment that ensures your network is installed and maintained to the highest standards.

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Door Access Control

Door access systems offer a multitude of benefits, including enhanced security, convenience, safety, and cost savings.

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SG CCTV Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance of CCTV systems is essential for ensuring their effectiveness, reliability, and longevity.

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CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. For instance cameras are a crucial part of home security systems and many other applications. As a result many modern homes have at least one camera installed. Most business establishments have several security cameras as well. CCTV has become so common that it’s difficult to ignore. Cameras help us understand life in the modern age. Similarly people use cameras for education, security, and many other purposes. Even though cameras have become an essential part of modern life, many people lack a structured approach to using them effectively. Everyone needs to be careful when monitoring activity from home security cameras.
(Closed-circuit television) is used worldwide for security purposes. In conclusion many public spaces in Singapore now use these cameras for aesthetic purposes as well as safety purposes. Restaurants, hotels, offices, and many other establishments now use them to improve their business practices. CCTV Singapore used footage for criminal investigation as well. This has led to great leaps in law enforcement technology due to interoperability among different systems. Cameras help solve major crimes by providing evidence that leads directly to the perpetrator(s).
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Christine Chua
Christine Chua
The sales agent Yen was very helpful and prompt in responding to my enquiries. During the setup, it was hassle free with minimal cleanup after that. The guys were very patient and clear with the instructions for setup of cctv software as well. Overall a pleasant experience
Hui Shan
Hui Shan
Good quality cameras with top notch service. Installation arrangements were made promptly and after sale service was excellent.
Chanced upon Surveillance Zone while searching for CCTV services on Google. Was very impressed from the prompt, efficient and accommodating services provided by the team. Yen and Ivy were friendly and patient over my queries I had with them. John, the technical supervisor was extremely professional and did a fantastic job. Would definitely recommend this honest company to friends and family!
Mr Tan
Mr Tan
Fast and efficient service from providing quotation by Miss Yen to installation by Louis. They are both very patient and understanding. Friendly and nice vendor.
Amutha Sandramohan
Amutha Sandramohan
Highly recommeded!
Very fast and efficient, CCTV system is working flawlessly and is super simple to use. Asked for a quotation on Wednesday, had a sight visit on Thursday and by Friday all installed and ready to use. Would recommend to any buyers wanting to get an updated / new CCTV system.
Vivian Lin
Vivian Lin
Thumbs up for the detailed explanation as well as communication was clear from the start i engaged Yen on the products and Louis being very professional & diligent! Louis gave my electrician what to do for the cabling as well as convenient for us to put our network at the living hall was definitely the plus point! From the start till today installation was perfect. Thank you so much!
Yi Zhong communicated well and was very thorough in answering all my questions regarding the camera security system. The installation was very prompt and efficient with minimal mess. The images are clear and the coverage angle of the camera is really good. The installer also ensured I was able to use the app correctly before leaving. Highly recommend!
Zhong Ning Tang
Zhong Ning Tang
Excellent service! Price is also very competitive! Installation was done very professionally and accommodate to your request. Replies are also very prompt and the boss is very friendly. Can trust in them to put in the best workmanship and no worries about any issues after installation.
Chong Hau OON
Chong Hau OON
Prompt attention . Fast service to complete network set up . Good post service care with help to set up app on my mobile phone . This is very important for customer satisfaction. Dr Oon