How To Benefit From Your Commercial And Residential CCTV Camera System

How to benefit from your home CCTV camera footage video ?

Closed circuit television (CCTV) security cameras installed in homes are mainly intended to protect the homeowners’ properties against burglars and thieves. There are however, other benefits of CCTV cameras aside from those main intended purposes.

Generally, CCTV cameras function in two major ways, namely, they simultaneously transmit and record the footage that they capture. This capability allows the homeowners or the operators to monitor the activities at their houses in real time or they can watch and review the videos remotely, when and where they want. Because of this capability, there are added benefits of CCTV cameras, beyond providing security and preventing crimes. In this article, we will discuss some of them.

Additional Benefits Of CCTV Camera System

Here are some benefits of CCTV surveillance systems and their recorded footage that you may not be aware of:

Use to find missing items – Have you lost something while in your house or you can’t remember where you put something important? If you have installed a CCTV surveillance system in your home, do not despair as you already have one possible solution to your problem. You just have to conduct a brief review of the video taken by your system to see where you could possibly have put your missing items.

Lower insurance premiums – Having a surveillance system installed in your home can significantly reduce the amount you pay for your insurance premium. A number of insurance firms offer additional discounts for every additional home security improvement in your home. Aside from a CCTV system, you can also add a monitored fire and smoke detection system, security bars or gates on your windows and doors, and motion-activated lights to claim additional discounts to your insurance payment.

Evidence during an incidence of crime –When a crime such as theft or burglary has occurred near your premises or inside your home, you can always check the CCTV camera video footage if your CCTV system was able to record the incident clearly. You can then use the images to determine what really happened when the crime was committed and identify the culprits so that they can be arrested. The video can also be used as evidence during a trial or police investigation.

Use to monitor children– When you have chores to do outside your house like cleaning the garden, you can use the real-time monitoring function of your system to keep an eye on your child while he/she is sleeping or playing with someone. With many systems this can be done using  your mobile phone.

A better alternative than door peepholesYou can use your CCTV system to monitor some parts of your house that cannot be viewed easily. If you have a camera at your front door, you can use it to identify anyone who is coming for a visit without opening your front door or peeping through a tiny peephole on your door. By using your CCTV system, you can monitor whether the person visiting you is alone or has other companions who may be hiding in the background.

For monitoring children playing in your backyard –The cameras positioned to monitor your backyard can also be used to keep a careful watch on the children playing there if you are inside your home. You can switch to the live view function of your cameras to check up on the kids from time to time to make sure that they are safe and are not doing mischievous things outside.

For watching over pool areas– If you have a swimming pool at home, you can use your outdoor cameras to monitor it to see if someone is using it without your knowledge. You can also use the cameras to monitor your children and their friends while swimming to make sure that they are safe and not doing any unsafe activities around the pool.

For monitoring your car while temporarily parked on the street or driveway – If you forget an important item in your house and you have to go back to retrieve it, you may have to just park your car on your driveway or on the street. This could put your vehicle at risk of getting stolen. To continuously monitor your car while you are in your house, you can activate the live view function of your cameras and monitor your car.

Increases the value of your home if you are selling it – If you plan to sell your home, you can make use of your home security system as a leverage to increase its value. Potential buyers, particularly the younger ones, are more inclined to buy a house that is already equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras because they know that they will already have instant security measures in place. Your system will also keep your home protected throughout the selling process where a number of strangers are expected to enter and look at your house.

Recording a family memory video– If you want to make a family memory video, you can use the CCTV camera video footage from your security system as an additional source of materials. You can look for funny incidents and happy moments that were captured by the system to be included in your project. You can watch these videos during family gatherings as additional entertainment and during times when you want to reminisce about the “good old days.”



There are various benefits that are associated with a CCTV surveillance system that you can only discover if you have installed one in your home. You must, therefore, eliminate that “it will not happen to me” mentality and install one in your home to experience the many benefits that a security camera system can bring.

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  1. It’s great that CCTV systems can allow you to view who is at your front door without having to look through the peephole. I prefer not to open the door for solicitors, but I’m not even tall enough to see through the peephole in my door. I will definitely look into having security cameras installed so I can protect my home and use this feature to my advantage.

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