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CCTV For Home Security Camera In Singapore


Home CCTV cameras are useful for deterring criminals, but also let you watch helper and toddlers indoors. Home IP security cameras feature more advanced functions compared to conventional surveillance cameras. That’s why many are not quite familiar with how they work and which key points to consider. Be it day or night you can clearly monitor all the events happening when you’re at home and even when you’re away.


Things to Consider When Buying a Home Security Camera


Angle of View

Each camera varies in terms of viewing angle. Our cameras have wide-angle coverage that comes with a wider range of vision 110 degrees angle. The 110° field of view captures all of the objects with more details.



Resolution Level

High-definition quality. It’s important to capture all events with 1080p resolution so you can have clear and precise records. As we all know, the resolution depends not only on the sensor itself, but also on the matching optics. In fact, lenses are almost always the bottle neck in CCTV.




Storage Capacity

With a camera device that has a 1TB HDD, you can keep track of records for a few weeks depending on how many cameras and resolution than you have.


1x DAHUA HD IP Camera CCTV Singapore Installation Package


Indoor and Outdoor Use

Before you decide to buy a security camera, you should also ask yourself if you’re going to use it for indoors or outdoors. With the cameras for outdoor use, you need to find a product that can withstand a harsh environment and see if it can be installed on high areas so you can have a better view.



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