CCTV cameras in Singapore to double by 2030 in crime solving

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CCTV cameras have long been a crucial instrument in the investigation of crimes. In order to ensure public safety, the government has made an effort to increase the number of CCTV cameras installed around the nation. After the success of these cameras in uncovering crimes, the government recently stated that Singapore will more than double the number of CCTV cameras by 2030.

There are currently about 90,000 CCTV cameras in Singapore, covering public areas like parks, roadways, and public housing estates, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs. The government hopes to install an additional 90,000 cameras as part of the expansion, increasing the total to 180,000 by 2030.

Following the cameras’ success in investigating crimes, the government decided to increase the number of CCTV cameras. In 2020, 4,095 crimes were solved thanks to CCTV cameras, according to a report by the Singapore Police Force. This shows how successful CCTV cameras are at deterring and solving crimes as there was an increase of 9% over the prior year.

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CCTV cameras have advantages beyond just preventing crime.

While potential offenders are less likely to conduct crimes in places where cameras are put, they also operate as a deterrent to criminal activity. Moreover, CCTV cameras can enhance public safety in high-risk locations like industrial zones and construction sites.

Several Singaporeans have applauded the government’s efforts to increase the number of CCTV cameras across the city-state. 86% of Singaporeans backed the government’s decision to raise the number of cameras, according to a recent survey by the National Crime Prevention Council. This highlights how crucial CCTV cameras are to maintaining public safety in the eyes of the general population.

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The rising usage of CCTV cameras has prompted questions regarding data protection and privacy, though. The public has been given assurances by the government that the cameras will be set up in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and that only authorized staff will have access to the material. The government has also made it clear that the cameras’ main goal is to improve public safety, not to violate people’s privacy.

In conclusion, the government’s choice to enhance Singapore’s CCTV camera count is an important step in safeguarding the protection of the general population. The use of the cameras has been shown to be successful in reducing criminal activity and preventing and solving crimes. The administration has reassured the public that the cameras will be deployed in accordance with the PDPA, despite the fact that worries regarding privacy and the security of personal data continue to exist. In general, the expansion of CCTV cameras is a good thing for Singaporeans because it increases public safety and raises the standard of living in the nation.

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