CCTV cameras in Singapore to double by 2030 in crime solving

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CCTV cameras have long been an essential tool for criminal investigations. The government is working to increase the number of CCTV cameras installed across the country in order to protect public safety. The government recently said that Singapore will more than double the number of CCTV cameras by 2030 due to the cameras’ success in identifying criminal activity.

The Ministry of Home Affairs estimates that there are currently 90,000 CCTV cameras in Singapore, covering public spaces like parks, roads, and public housing estates. As part of the extension, the government plans to install an additional 90,000 cameras, bringing the total to 180,000 by 2030.

After the cameras proved effective in capturing criminal activity, the authorities opted to install more CCTV cameras. A 2020 Singapore Police Force report states that 4,095 offenses were solved as a result of CCTV. This demonstrates the effectiveness of CCTV cameras in preventing and solving crimes, as evidenced by the 9% rise from the previous year.

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CCTV cameras have advantages beyond just preventing crime.

Cameras serve as a deterrent to criminal behavior even though they make potential offenders less likely to commit crimes there. CCTV cameras can also improve public safety in high-risk areas such as construction sites and industrial zones.

The government’s initiatives to expand the number of CCTV cameras throughout the city-state have received praise from a number of Singaporeans. A recent survey conducted by the National Crime Prevention Council found that 86% of Singaporeans supported the government’s proposal to increase the number of cameras. This demonstrates how important CCTV cameras are in the perspective of the general public for preserving public safety.

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Concerns about privacy and data protection have been raised by the increased use of CCTV cameras, though. The administration has assured the public that only authorized personnel will have access to the footage and that the cameras would be installed in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Furthermore, the government has said unequivocally that enhancing public safety, not invading individuals’ privacy, is the primary objective of the cameras.

To sum up, the government’s decision to increase the number of CCTV cameras in Singapore is a critical step in maintaining public safety. It has been demonstrated that using cameras effectively lowers criminal activity and helps prevent and solve crimes. Although concerns about privacy and the security of personal data persist, the administration has assured the public that the cameras will be installed in compliance with the PDPA. For the most part, Singaporeans benefit from the proliferation of CCTV cameras as they enhance public safety and elevate the country’s level of living.