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CCTV Security System Maintenance Contract & Upgrade Services

Why do you need CCTV maintenance ?

The continued effectiveness of your CCTV system can only be guaranteed with planned preventative maintenance. Without regular maintenance, even the most modern and effective equipment will deteriorate.  As such, it’s important that one of our highly qualified engineers at Surveillance Zone checks your system regularly. This will ensure your equipment continues to meet current standards, is working efficiently and is less likely to develop defects in the future. Maintaining systems regularly will ensure CCTV systems are working to their optimum performance and that images recorded and stored are fit for purpose, are of evidence quality and could be used as admissible evidence for purposes of investigation or for use in courts of law. To avoid any lapses in surveillance monitoring, CCTV system maintenance is usually carried out whilst all devices are still in operation. This regular inspection should be planned as part of the overall security system maintenance checklist requirements of the business.

For the system’s camera and housing, verify the following:
  1. Camera/lens focus and auto iris is adjusted properly.
  2. Camera field of view is adjusted to customer’s requirements.
  3. Camera/housing viewing window is clean, inside and out.
  4. Camera lens is dust free.
  5. Interior of camera enclosure is clean and dry.
For the system’s wiring and cables, verify the following:
  1. Check wiring and cable harnesses for wear and fray.
  2. Check to make sure cable is dressed properly.
  3. Check connectors and cable entry points for loose wiring.
  4. Check that the coaxial cable is transmitting an adequate video signal to control room. Signal should be free of distortion.
  5. Make sure all coaxial connectors are insulated from conduit and pull boxes.
Henderson MCST 1830 Carpark CCTV Maintenance and Upgrade Services
CCTV Maintenance and Upgrade Services
Henderson MCST 1830 CCTV Maintenance and Upgrade Services

Do you need to maintain existing systems?

You may already have a CCTV system and are looking for an experienced company to maintain it on your behalf. We represent a range of manufacturers and are happy to take over the maintenance and testing of both new and existing installations.

For more information on how we can help with your maintenance requirements, please call 62567776 / 90079087